Lella’s birthday at Beach Blanket Babylon

June 24, 2014
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I thought it was about time that I updated my “Gourmet” section of the blog (I know, it has been ages…)! Few days ago it was my friend Lella’s birthday and I told her: “make no plans for your birthday lunch, I am taking you out”, smile on her face as an answer and excitement! She said: “I love surprises!”. Ok, perfect, I had everything planned out on my mind! :) 

As we always hang out in Marylebone – Lella and I are neighbors and are always in the area – I thought we could go somewhere else for lunch, somewhere quite special. I thought about Notting Hill as it got a big place on my heart and Beach Blanket Babylon came straight to me.

Lella picked me up at home and we drove to Notting Hill. I struggled to keep the place as a secret but I managed at the end – I actually think she wanted to be nice to don’t spoil my surprise but I ended up having to give it away on the address for the GPS so I think she had an idea of where we were going to. Anyways, let’s move on to the decoration: 

Quite stunning, right? 

As we sat down, we ordered some champagne and tin tin to my girl for her day!

As we drunk some bubbly and chatted some girly gossips, we were then ready to order. Lella ordered the squids for starters and I had the Burrata.

How pretty is this table setting?

Although you can’t taste it… judging it by the picture looks very yummy right? :)
Once starters were done, our mains arrived straight after… I had the Tuna and she had the Truffle Risotto!

Now that our stomach was happy, we headed to their terrace to have our coffees and dessert.

And finally a picture of us together on the day :) 

Time for the birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, Lellita!

PS: It is definitely worthy checking this spot out if you have never been, more info here!

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