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June 1, 2014

Sketch is the brainchild of French master chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur Mourad Mazouz. This 18th-century building was previously the Atelier of Christian Dior for 15 years as well as the former headquarters of the Royal Institute of British Architects. It has been completely redesigned as the home for incredible food, art and music, in a daring experimental style close to the hearts of both visionary founders.

sketch, sketch restaurant, parlour

Sketch is divided into different rooms, each with its individual functions and qualities. There are two bars, which are used as high tea room in the afternoon and later in the evening it opens as a member bar. Also, the restaurant has two exceptional dining rooms, The Gallery and the two Michelin stars The Lecture & Library room.

sketch, sketch restaurant, gallery, egg toilets

The menus in the two rooms are different. At the Lecture and Library room you will find more sophisticated and pricey dishes, as for example, the mouth-watering Native Lobster; whereas, The Gallery’s menu has a simpler but incredible variety of food such as their delicious Pan-Fried Galician sirloin with truffled chestnut cream and crunchy white.

If you are not looking for a ‘traditional’ restaurant and are expecting something very original and creative, you will no regret a dinning experience at Sketch.




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