Bob Bob Ricard

October 9, 2014
I’ve got a little recomendation for you!

Anthony took me out for my birthday dinner on Friday and we went to the amazing Bob Bob Ricard, just off Regent’s Street. I had never been there before but heard from my friends that it was a great place! But hold on a second… they should have told me it was more than just another great place but an AWESOME PLACE you really, really shouldn’t miss out!

Why is it so awesome? The dining room takes you back in time with its fine Edwardian train alike – imagine beautiful and big all leather banquette, waiters and waitresses dressed fully clad, brass rail, dimmed lamp light, curtains and a button on the wall that says: “Press for champagne”. Genius, right?

The food was great too. For starters Anthony had the crab cake and I had the truflle potato and mushrooms (my pick was the best, Anthony agrees) Main course he had the Steak with Foie Gras and I had the Lobster Macaroni Cheese. And after a few glasses of champagne, we chose a dessert to share, the delicious chocolat foundant with white chocolate ice cream!

Such a great experience, can’t wait to go back! Have you ever been?

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