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Welcome in, 2015!

January 20, 2015

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Am I too late?

I have been pretty lame this holidays, haven’t I? After almost a month, here I am. I promised myself I would try to detox from working (my party/events crazy lifestyle work and blogging… for at least holidays period). But now, it is over. I am back. 100% back. Ready for another year and with full energy! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably tracked me down and know what I’ve been up to.

First off after I went to Fortaleza (previous brief post), I made my way to Jericoacoara which is a paradise on earth about 4 hours away from Fortaleza. Picture a place surrounded by white dunes, sea and the most beautiful sunsets! Not to mention the energy and how lively this beach town is. For my surprise, it is a top destination for gringos (aka non-brazilians, foreigner people) specially for those who are passionate about Kite or WindSurf!

  jericoacoara-19 jericoacoara, lagoa do paraíso

jericoacoara, lagoa do paraíso jericoacoara-24 jericoacoara-28

It is truly on my list of most amazing trips I have done – all about Eat, Pray, Love – but more like Sunbath, Enjoy, Love and Relaaaaax! Or all of those things put together if I may – also combined with caipirinhas or brahmas on the side and good company. One of the nicest things for me was that about 5:30pm people from all around the beach would walk up the dunes like a ritual to celebrate the nature and applause the most amazing sunsets watched from above! Nature is really divine! Like I said on Instagram: the sunset were the farewell kiss to the night… And what a farewell it was: the sun was slowly making its way down and all orange/pink/yellow colours were making a party in the skies whilst being reflected on the sea.

por do sol, quadriciclo jericoacoara jericoacoara, brasil, quadriciclo em jericoacoara, jeri jericoacoara-5 por do sol,jericoacoara jericoacoara-18 jericoacoara-9  brasil, quadriciclo em jericoacoara, jeri por do sol, jericoacoara

If you do have a desire to go to Brazil, Jericoacoara is definitely a great place to add to the list. To disconnect from your “human life” and to enjoy what nature has to offer! Jeri has lots of gastronomic places and great bars that can be reached by walking… it is a very lively and young city! My favourite restaurant out there is called Tamarindo and my favourite drink spot was Cachaçaria Gourmet. Have you been there? Are you planning on visiting Brazil soon?

por do sol, jericoacoara jericoacoara-31

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  • Reply Tia January 20, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    It looks amazing there! Love all your pictures <3


  • Reply Chrystin January 20, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Beautiful photos! The sand & the vastness of that beach are amazing! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday :-)
    I really hope that one day I can visit Brasil…so close, yet so far!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

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