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Pandora Essence at LimeWood Hotel



Incredible enough, a peaceful place not so far from the crazy-so-hectic London… Tucked in the New Forest surrounded by nothing else but beautiful scenery, singing birds, wild horses. It got a special place in my heart, what a wonderful escape!


 Everything was “millimetric” planned by Pandora who thought of every single detail to make this experience even more special. The reason for this encounter? A celebration to their new Essence collection which you will get to know more soon as I am proud to announce, I am an ambassador.


As soon as I arrived, the first plan of the day was a Cookery lesson. We had lots of fun preparing a super healthy and raw meal! Myself and my partner in crime Sarah Mikaela prepared some great vegy rolls – we actually ate more on the way then made them, but oh well! One should know that we cannot see food and not eat them… too tempting!


left – Jess
middle – Sarah
right – Me

After lunch…we took a long walk in the countryside. Sam brought the tunes with him as we “braved” into the forest. Jess told me I had to keep quiet if I wanted to see bunnies which I thought would be impossible as myself and quiet just doesn’t work together. We didn’t see the bunnies in the end but cows crossing the road and a big bull that made us run away – you definitely don’t want to make a bull upset by standing on its way! Simple things like that, a walk in the forest and good friends makes me tick.


10 minutes till our SPA treatments and we were spoiled rotten! I had the rosebud massage… Only thing I can remember is that it was so damn good that I slept half way through it! After this, I made my way to the heated pool to relax for a few minutes before getting back to the room and getting ready for dinner. Limewood Hotel, you are a piece of work!

Time for drinks and canapés! What a gorgeous room… we were all treated with champagne and a lovely piano music on the background. We chatted for a while and then made our way to the dining room. I completely forgot to say that in every moment we were collecting the charms for our essence bracelet.. how fun? It was like seeking for these little treasures game. By now I probably had collected: Happiness,Loyalty, Friendship, Wisdom and Balance.

Next morning I was treated like a princess as I had breakfast in bed. Favourite part of the day! Then off we went to a lesson of how to make our Easter Eggs, what did you think of mine?

Thank you Pandora for such a great time! Can’t wait for the next moments together! x