Camila Carril

5 ways to wear a bomber jacket this summer

The bomber jacket has recently reappeared again on the street-style scene, and I can’t really stop talking how excited I am about it! They can be worn as super-oversized with arms rolled up or as 90s-style which goes really well with a slinky dress or a pais of shredded jeans. Apart of that, we all know that they are very comfortable!

1 – Bomber + Jeans skirt and boots

Look at that look, summer is coming in London, but we all know that sometimes it can get a bit chilled. Just love the combinations of a jeans skirt with black boots and a jumper.

2 – Metallic Bomber

We all know that the metallic colour is back now! So why not to add these two trends together? Metallic + bomber, such a great combo!

3 – Stamped bombers

Stamped bombers add loads of life to the look. It turns to be the main piece in the whole look. 

4 – Embroidered Bomber

Embroidery is so cool and just adds an extra touch to the look.

5 – Printed Bomber

Mixing the printed bomber with the black dress is great because it balances the look and does not make it too heavy.