Camila Carril
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Fashion Week with PANDORA

I am currently sipping coffee while looking through a pile of Fashion Week clothes and accessories. If only you could take a little peek into my world right now (actually not, you would not bare how messy it looks atm!). It is exciting though and my favourite time of the season! Although it looks like TazMania came to pay a visit in my room, it will eventually fall together and everything will make sense once I have finished planning my outfits. Talking about Fashion Week, I want to share with you an insight into how I pick an outfit to wear during FW:

1 – Statement piece:

Wearing a statement piece is very important. I always start with a trend, a bold colour or a piece that stands out! For this look I am wearing this blue embroidery cape. I love the bold colour – which makes it really unique. What I love the most is the fact that it also looks gorgeous when you move- this is exactly what street style photographers like to capture.

2 – Accessories on point:

Equally important is that your accessories are on point. I am wearing the new PANDORA Autumn/Winter collection. For this look I paired the new Essence bangle with the generosity and balance charm, stacking this up with the Alluring Brilliant Bangle and my Essence PANDORA bracelet. I have chosen these as I love to accessorize using the stacking trend to create a really luxe look. I also love to mix metals to add some edge, I believe the gold and silver mixed together looks beautiful. I am also wearing the Dazzling droplet ring and the Shimmering Leaves Ring (omg! Love them to bits!). For the neck, I have chosen something simple, romantic and gorgeous, the Vintage Allure Necklace. The important thing here is that your jewellery works harmonically with your outfit, but also helps to raise it up to the next level.

3 – Shoes

Styling the shoes is a must! You have to think from head to toe how the entire outfit will look like. In this case, I decided to wear heels, as for Fashion Week is it always important to be look both elegant and trendy.

These are my basic tips for pulling together a chic outfit for fashion week, being organised in advance always helps too!

Check out the amazing new PANDORA Autumn Winter collection here….