Camila Carril

Camila’s Bride Diary: Choosing the Venue

It’s been 3 weeks since we went to Italy on the search of our perfect venue. We chose Florence as the location we want to get married as it is a neutral place between us – I am Brazilian and Anthony is English (although he does have some Italian blood in him). Besides, few years ago we went to Florence and fell in love with it… We always wanted a destination wedding so we could enjoy more than one day with our families and friends!

I am beyond excited to be sharing with you every step of the day on #CamilasBrideDiary. We are getting married in August next year and it’s been so far the most exciting time of our lives!  There are a lot of questions at the moment: Where are you getting married? When? What dress you are wearing? So many things we still don’t know but surely we will figure it out with a little help from Juli from Savvy Event Studio – our wedding planner and also an angel sent from heavens! Yesterday Anthony asked me: I wonder if all brides talk to her as much as you do? Literally we are connected 24/7. Thank you Juli for being such a star! 

First things first: Location, Location! We went to Florence for about 3 days and visited around 15 venues. It was such an exciting experience… We had 3 venues on the shortlist and as of yesterday we already have a venue! Can you guess where? For now we are going to keep a little surprise but below you will see what types of venues we looked at and if you are looking to get married in Florence too, this venues list might help you out!


The 4-star Brunelleschi Hotel is located right in Florence’s beautiful, cultural and so historical center. Just a few steps from the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio and next to the main shopping streets. All the rooms have modern decorations. In addition, the price includes an amazing and very tasty daily American breakfast buffet. We really appreciated the turn down service, staff is incredibly friendly.

The location is ideal for exploring Florence as everything is in walking distance. If you decide to stay here, be sure to visit the museum on the bottom floor to find out more history about the hotel.  If you are unsure of what to do in Florence, the concierge team will be more than happy to provide some suggestions. Highly recommend it!

At 12PM – Villa Il Garofalo

History: Il Garofalo is a very well-kwon villa in Florence because of its extremely famous families that once lived there as for example Dante’s families, the father of the Italian language, and of Beatrice Portinari, his inspiring muse. It’s located on the Florentine slope of Fiesole. The view from the place is just out of this world. You can see the main monuments form the Old Town from the top.

 Good points: The view is just breathtaking. If you are looking to do a smaller wedding and the ceremony on site this place could be perfect for you! You can’t beat having your ceremony overlooking Duomo. Another good point is that if you are looking for a place to stay with close family, their accommodation is 5 out of 5. Beautiful, modern and comfy!

Bad points: It was a bit small for us since we are looking to have 200/250 guests.

At 1PM – Vila Corsini

History: Villa Corsini is placed right in the middle of the beautiful Chianti area in Impruneta. The place is a a field of events since 1966. The villa is very traditional and has over 700 years of history in their shoulders.

Good points: Beautiful gardens for a cocktail reception and this place is grand! If you are looking for a very big wedding this could be your place! I think you have to think of this venue as an empty box, there is a lot of rooms and so much you could do with it. Also, gorgeous views to the Chianti hills.

Bad points: It needs a bit of work on the inside of the building and it does not have a view to Florence.



At 3PM – Villa Gamberaia

History: Built in the early 1600s, Villa Gamberaia is located on the fascinating hills of Florence. It’s not far from the centre of the city, just 15 minutes with good access. What really calls the attention are the details of the villa’s garden, which is absolutely unique and have been studied and celebrated by architectural historians and garden designers throughout the centuries.

Good points: The most stunning gardens of all villas we have seen! This one made to our shortlist and it was quite difficult to let it go. Apart from that, the villa is very well-maintained and it has amazing views to Florence and spaces to accommodate 50+ guests.

Bad points: The price is extremely high compared to other places we have seen.



Day 2, at 9:30 – Villa Cora

History: In a 19th-century villa overlooking the Boboli Gardens, this plush, elegant place is  about 2.1 km from Ponte Vecchio bridge and 2.4 km from Galleria degli Uffizi.

Good points: Gorgeous 5-star hotel perfect for a very luxurious wedding. You have it all – views, beautiful rooms, garden and a state of art salon!

Bad points: You have to take it in a 3-day exclusivity.

At 12pm – Villa Mangiacane

History: Based right in the heart of one of the finest winemaking regions in Italy, in Chianti, Villa Mangiacane is a historical 15th century villa built by the Machiavelli family. Located about 12km south of Florence, Mangiacane allows for easy exploration to Florence, San Gimignano, or the magnificent city
of Siena.

Good points: Baby pink villa so extremely charming! Big space for outdoor wedding dinner.

Bad points: We didn’t love the dancing area.

At 2:30pm – Il Borro

History: Built around the Nineteenth century, Il Borro is famous for it’s elegance and sophistication. The villa offers superb views and is encased in a beautiful Italian garden which, as in the best traditions, is flowered, ordered and enriched by a central fountain.

Good points: Your own village for the wedding set 1 hour away from Firenze. Really gorgeous and amazing if you want to spend 3 or more days together with family and friends!

Bad points: For us it became a bit unlikely because we have family coming from Brazil who would want to explore more Florence and not only Il Boro.

Day 3, at 10:15am – Castelo Di Vincigliata

History: Castello Di Vincigliata’s first registered archives were found to be form the year of 1031! Apart of being on earth for nearly 1000 years, the place is one of the most romantic and beautiful venues in Florence for events.

Good points: Every girls dream to get married in the castle, right? This made to our shortlist! Very special castle and the courtyard is beautiful.

Bad points: It seems a bit small for 250 guests. The views of Florence are a bit limited.

At 11:30am  – Villa Di Maiano

History: This 15th century residence lays right on the green hills between Fiesole and Florence. It’s located approximately 15 minutes from Florence and 5 minutes from Fiesole. Villa di Maiano is the ideal place for a weeding celebration!

Good points: Gorgeous villa, plenty of space for a big wedding and outstanding views! This one also made to our shortlist!

Bad points: Needs a bit more of maintenance on the inside but nothing major.

I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you x