Camila Carril
Looks, Trends


It is so cold in London at the moment. All I want to do is wrap up warm and get cozy. I’ve been travelling a lot lately and every time I come back to London, it’s such a shock to the system.

When it comes to styling though, I love the winter, I love to walk round London in my fur jackets, and long woollen coats and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love layering?!

Colour wise it’s such a tricky season I’ve seen a lot of burgundy, black, animal print but I really want to mix it up…Maybe a bit of sporty and pops of colour to brighten up the dark winter days? The latest, limited edition collection, of sneakers from ECCO have inspired me to try a bit of colour… The SOFT3 is the perfect pop of colour we need during the winter months.

For this first outfit I have paired my favourite jeans at the moment with this super cool ruffles sweater and added the bright red Soft 3 Ecco sneakers to this look to brighten up the winter days! I am loving this red sneakers, it makes every outfit so much cooler!

You know by now that layering is my favourite thing and I love to take risks when it comes to fashion. Putting pieces together that alone wouldn’t seem to work, but then harmonically converse with each other. An example of this is my second outfit, I am wearing a maxi dress with an oversized fur coat on top and the sneakers to give some edginess to the look. What do you think?

I also love the casual style, with some simple statement items you can totally master at this look. Your best sweater with an oversized coat, jeans, beanie and sneakers and that is all you need really! I love how the blue from the sneakers gave “life” to this outfit too…

How do you like to wear your sneakers? Check the collection here!

*Post done in collaboration with Ecco. All opinions are my own