Camila Carril

The Party is on!

Christmas and end-of-the-year parties and celebrations are getting closer and it’s already time for all of us to think about what dress to wear in such events. I, particularly, identify myself so much with three different types of materials when it comes to nightwear dresses. Find out which ones right below: 

It comes from one of the biggest, if not the biggest, trend this Fall/Winter 2016. Are you wondering what it is? Velvet, that’s what it is! Who can actually resist the charm of velvet? It’s definitely a material of royalty and nobility, Princess Diana was a fan! Also, it is so well connected with glam rock and nighttime seduction.

Maxi dresses are just like a dream, they are very comfortable and beautiful at the same time. This one specially is so sparkly and make you look extra special for that evening event! Shine on, girl!

Lastly, how gorgeous is this one piece? Very comfortable, stylish and flowy. Three very different styles that you can try out to look amazing this end of the year! What did you think?


Photos: Muffadal Abbas

Post in collaboration with Wallis. All opinions are my own*