Camila Carril


Last year, December something, I got a call from the lovely girls at Marc Cain inviting me to once again collaborate with them, this time around was for the Berlin Fashion Week (which happened last week). 

I was like, yes of course! Berlin fashion week with my bestie Nina Suess and my german girls.. by now you will realise that I have become like the “addopted” one in their gang. We have a cute nickname between us… schlampers! If you are german you will think it is a bad joke us calling each other “bitches”… I guess they found it funny when I said it with my strong brazilian accent and now it became “awwwww, so cute, say it again?”. One of those silly things!

Anyways, off we went on a very early flight to Berlin on a Sunday morning – Nina still hates me for it since I picked the time of the flight (all I wanted was to spend most of my Sunday pre- fashion week).

This was literally taken on the first day of arrival, I am wearing the “Love karma” top and fire trousers from Sandro, with Storets faux fur jacket, sneakers and beanie. I thought it made me look way cooler than I actually am haha It is all in the tricks, guys!

More stories to follow soon! AND I actually made a vlog, let’s see if this is going to turn out any good… keep your eyes wide open here!


Camila x