Camila Carril

Day & Night



Let’s talk about comfort and looking good. I mean, if you stripe down what you are wearing clothes-wise, how does your lingerie feel? I like it when it is pretty because when I look at the mirror I still want to love what I see but most importantly, I like to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. SOOOO comfortable that I don’t want to take it out, you know what I mean? 

I have got it sorted, ladies. Wacoal did this gorgeous collection that you can take from day and night called “Frivole”. It is feminine, lace, beautiful and guess what? Comfortable! It comes with different shapes of underwear to fit your body shape.

 The idea is that not only it is 1. Comfortable 2. Pretty 3. You can adapt in your look giving a little sneak peek and making it part of your outfit! Just like I have done in this look I am wearing here. I feel that is quite easy to style a chemise with a lace bra, it makes the look feminine with a touch of sassiness. Do you agree?

Explore the whole collection here. Lots of love, Camila x