Camila Carril

Paris Mission

This was time for Mom and I to have our family trip to Paris after a few years without going there together. It was such a lovely weather out there! We got on the Euro Star and made our way across the English Channel.

Arriving in Paris, we were super well greeted and headed to Relais Christine for our check in. This cute hotel is located in a quite street but with so much of the St Germaine lifestyle present. Super close to places such as Pont Neuf, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle and Louvre. Right in the heart of Paris, couldn’t ask for anywhere better situated, right?  

It was a two-days trip only and we had loads of things to do and one mission: To find my mom a mother of the bride dress! As some of you may know, I am getting married at the end of August and the reason behind our little getaway was that we wouldn’t leave without a dress….. It made our voyage even more special!

It wasn’t easy to find something, we went to so many different shops, especially at Saint-Honoré and also at Reciproque (high luxury items stores, but highly recommend to whom is looking for bags and luxury accessories). First dress-hunting day was coming to an end, the stores were getting closed, and we didn’t manage to find our treasure. After such a long day, it was time to enjoy a daughter-mom’s moment and chill for a bit. First place that came into my mind: Peninsula Hotel.

We started off by having a drink at the amazing Hotel’s rooftop. It was such a remarkable moment, sipping some rose champagne and watching the sunset with the view of the Eiffel Tower. A bit after, we headed ourselves a few stairs down to Le Lobby Restaurant. Our starters were a very fresh burrata and also a water mouthery dish with quinoa and prawns – Just perfect for a hot day! Mom asked for a really nice fish as main and I ordered a delicious steak, with asparagus and feta salad on the side. Time for a bride-to-be worst nightmare: the dessert.  Mom and I shared an amazing chocolate profiterole. It was such an incredible and special night!

Next day, we had to go back to that mission of ours…… we never give up! haha We ended up finding a beautiful dress for my mom at Max Mara. It fitted her so well! We were so happy and also very emotional, couldn’t hold the tears after seeing my mom dressing her dress for my wedding! 

It was about lunch time so we were off to Mandarin Oriental, what a beautiful garden that place has got. Unfortunately, our adventure was coming to an end and it was time for mom to leave back to São Paulo and I to return to London. Most importantly: our main trip Mission was accomplished and very successful. It was summed up in glasses of rosé, food and of course, shopping! 

Camila x