Camila Carril



Step up your accessories game

Shoot for: Chanel Official

Chanel is timeless… the brand is without any doubts one of the biggest and most popular giants in the fashion world. It definitely has the power to control the trend-setting process of every season. There are some Chanel classics that will never fade away. Quoting Coco Chanel: “I created the most well-known style in the world, because fashion is ephemeral, but style is eternal.”

I was on my way to meet a friend at a café in East London. In days like these I usually like to wear luxurious pieces such as this Chanel flap bag with a top handle, in calfskin & gold metal green and also, this long necklace made with glass pearls in gold & pearly white colour mixed in a more basic outfit like a shirt on and jeans trousers. 

The reason for such taste is that I think that a balance in style is essential! I understand that it might sound very hard to not fall in love with all these amazing luxury trends hitting the catwalk but we need to remember that not all of them necessarily suit all people. The key is always to try to simplify. And do not worry, it does not mean being “basic”.

Think about simple questions: What is your existing style? What brands and trends would go with it? Is there a certain balance in your outfit? 

Camila x 

What I’m wearing:
Bag – Chanel
Top – Storets
Coat – M Missoni
Trousers – Levi’s
Sunnies – Chanel
Necklace – Chanel


Top Storets | Necklace Chanel | Coat M Missoni | Sunnies Chanel | Bag Chanel | Troursers Levi’s