Camila Carril
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System Professional

A few weeks ago I was invited to visit Munich and Lanserhof with System Professional and the gorgeous sisters Poppy and Chloe Delevigne who are the brand ambassadors. 

After achieving an huge success with the LuxeOil range, System Professional launched a next generation and new product which is a mixture of nurturing oils that will surely awaken the senses and also, will leave your hair looking, feeling and smelling amazing. The new LuxeOil range is combined with its EnergyCodeTM Complex which plays a very important role when it comes to energising and bringing long term improvement to the hair structure. 

The three nurturing oils used in the formula are essentially: Argan, almond and jojoba oils. They are fragrant with some amazing exotic scents. 

System professional is a haircare brand that has a revolutionary proposition to have an unique energy hair mapping for each type of woman! When I heard the news I was over the moon – I always struggled with my hair, every time I spent long hours looking at products in the pharmacy looking from one label to another… thin hair? Damaged? Coloured? Argh what a struggle since my hair is all of the three! 

The proposal for System Professional is that it looks after every single of our needs by reading our “Hair DNA” and creating an unique formula. How amazing?

Thanks System Professional, bad hair days no more!

Camila x