Camila Carril
beauty, Travel

An Escape to Beirut With Michael Kors

Touched down in Beirut. The heat as soon as I came out of that flight on my skin… oh summer, how much I love you! Long days till I waited to come to Beirut…and there I was, in this vibrant, lovely, young city and apart of the scars from the war so full of life! You can feel it everywhere…

Just like escaping to a new adventure on the most exotic places, is the new fragance by Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence. I have to admit I must agree with you here Michael:
“There’s something alluring about such an intoxicating and exotic scent—it makes you want to have an adventure,”. Yes, that is right! One pump of perfume and it takes me to another place… it is incredible how some scents make us feel like this, isn’t it?

Traveling into places you have never been before and feeling the freedom is something that amuses me so much. I love to walk around, stop at the cafés, speak to locals and go to places where tourists don’t normally go to – you never know what is to come from the unexpected!

The scent exhales romance and fearlessness, a mixture of Jasmine with Orange Blossom to create a captivating spirit while the sensuality and warmth of Amber and Cashmere Woods gently embrace the skin.

Thanks Michael Kors for being part of this trip with me. You can find the perfume here.