Camila Carril


As we were having a wedding abroad to make all our guests feel welcomed was essential! As we knew most people were going to arrive on the Friday we arranged a Rehearsal dinner that night (much more relaxed one, not sit down). We scouted many locations for this but none was like the Societa di Canotieri which is a Private Boat Club with the most stunning views over Ponte Vecchio – what else could we ask for? It had our heart from the first sight.

The theme was Summer Chic with white furniture and decoration by Vincenzo Dascanio. The venue looked stunning! It started at 7pm and we had the most gorgeous sunset and bossa love songs by the Insolito Groove band (a local italian band). It was such a beautiful night! We served salads, pasta and fresh from the oven pizzas (our guests favourite’s!) from Roland’s Catering. We also had a gelato trunk… we are in Italy and this was a must haha!

We danced the night away and no one wanted to leave by the end of the night.. I think rehearsal dinners are a great thing to get everyone together the day before the BIG day. It gave us the opportunity to talk to everyone and it felt so relaxed. Whether you are doing it on a budget or not I highly recommend such an event the night before, it could be a get together on a bar or in a restaurant but it is so lovely to be surrounded by your family and friends!

I wanted to wear “my something blue”… you know from the saying that a bride should wear—’Something newSomething blueSomething borrowed’. It was totally unintentionally. The truth is that 2 weeks before the wedding I still didn’t have the PERFECT gown to wear on that special occasion, it was more difficult for me to find the gown than the wedding dress itself haha. But when I looked at this Dior dress, so blue like the sky and shiny like the stars, I knew it was a perfect match! Brides: don’t freak out, you see? Everything happens for a reason…

Everything was so special and I am still not getting over the fact that it has ended. Shall we do it all again? haha


Thanks Juli – our wedding planner from Savvy Events Studio – for putting this special night for us just like we dreamed and to all of our family and friends for making it a memorable night!