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Honeymoon Diary: Singita Pamushana

Going on a Safari for our honeymoon was our best adventure so far… The funny fact is that Anthony was so excited and I was just going with the flow… I thought this would not be my type of holiday as I am more of a beach girl, tanning and enjoying the sea. I was wrong, it was the best thing I’ve ever done! Going on a Safari, being in direct contact with the nature and experiencing it has to top it all! It is so incredible I can’t even put into words. It was undoubtedly the best part of our honeymoon!

Pamushana is located in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe. It is not only a luxury hotel, to many people out there it is a kind of spiritual paradise and it is known and called as the “Place of Miracles”. The hotel is set right up on a hill side, overlooking 130,00 acres of Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. 

Every family suit and bedroom is quite spacious and amazingly decorated with Shangaan tribal colours and art. Our room was so special and beautiful, we heard that Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas stayed there for their honeymoon too, my dad is a fan so he was more excited about this than us! We had so much space, a gorgeous view and a private pool. 

We had 5 am wake-up calls. We got ready, took a coffee and light breakfast and went on the first part of the Safari. We never know what to expect so it is so amazing to spend every second we could on the wildlife. One of the first animals we saw was a waterbuck and a giraffe. Don’t worry, we got to see the big 5 as the safari days went on, so lucky! I also really enjoyed the mid-morning breakfast on the wild… always an amazing location, this one time we stopped by a lake and whilst we were taking a coffee our guide Mark saw a lot of birds overflying an area. He said, guys get ready to go, something really exciting must have happened over there. We turned back and asked: ”WHAT?” Anthony was looking extremely excited with his binnacles on looking at the area. Mark turned around and said, it looks like a kill. Let’s take a look there right away! Off we went on the car, Anthony like a child that can’t wait for his candy and me feeling poorly that some animal died that I don’t even know….. WELL, that is nature guys! We got to the location and we did our first walk safari. The feeling of freedom is something else. I was so scared to walk on the wild, you have no idea! We found a dead impala and cheetahs there. Just WOW! 

After the whole day in the safari, there’s no better feeling than to take a restorative break at the spa. Also, gourmet international cuisine with really good wines is completely inclusive of our stay. We had the best food and the staff really looked after us.

Some of you asked me what sort of activities there are there… Pamushana holds activities such as walking safaris (mine and Anthony’s favourite), sundowners, community visits, fishing, mountain biking and etc… The safaris are all lead by professionals in the area that provide a great experience of coming close to a huge number of animals including big cats such as cheetahs, leopards, lions, both species of black and white rhinos, African wild dog (the most difficult ones to find as there are only 12 in the reserve. Sorry but my guide was the best and we were able to see them haha!) and an extensive number of bird species spotted. 

Local people and the hotel work hardly alongside to preserve a number of species within the reserve. For instance, the Black Rhino – one of the hardest species to be spotted in Africa, with only a few individuals remaining in the wild. The rehabilitation program in Malilangwe has been very successful in keeping the rhinos in a safe habitat. 

We even visited one of the communities as we think it is really important to see and to be able to help somehow. They were really lovely children and so well-behaved… I was quite happy to see how the program helps them out on a daily basis!


Lots of love,


Camila x




Camila x