Camila Carril


It’s always so good to escape from the cold island of Great Britain and go back home for some Brazilian summer! This year we decided to go somewhere in the North Eastern part of Brazil, a paradisiac and magical island called Fernando de Noronha. Guys, if you’ve got the chance, DO NOT hesitate to go there… without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have been to in life. I’ve partnered up with Dior for definitely my favourite collection of all – Cruise 2018. If you look at the fabrics and textures of the pieces, you’ll certainly realize how meaningful and fascinating it is!

Some people ask me how organised I am when it comes to packing up… I have to be honest that I am not the most organised person, you would laugh at me because of my messy room sometimes haha  however, I do plan well in advance what I am going to wear in the trip, on the photos and etc… 



For the New Years Eve, I decided to go for this beautiful white dress. Everyone wore white also for the big night, it was just amazing! 

It was time to come back to São Paulo to spend a bit of time with family and friends. We stayed at the Palacio Tangará which was launched last year, very recently. The hotel is located right in the middle of Burle Marx Park, which is a huge green area, SO BEAUTIFUL! Tangará truly impressed us! It also counts with an outdoor pool and amazing SPA… will definitely be back!


For my beauty routine I recently started the Capture Youth Serums regime, have you heard of it? I am already obsessed. It is targeted toward millennials and it heps anti-aging.. During the holidays I used a lot the “Glow Booster” serum followed by the Capture Total Moisturizer.

Camila x