Camila Carril


Even before I got married I was dreamt how my wedding day would look like, what type of decoration I would go for, palette of colours, traditional style. Then I met Vincenzo Dascanio’s whose work are everything and more I have ever dreamt of and immediately fell in love with him. We were a match and instantly connected, I knew I wanted him to design the wedding.

How breathtaking is this? Every time I look at it I see a dream that became true.  Cream hydrangeas, chandeliers on the main table, candles everywhere… poetry to the eyes!

Vincenzo gathered all the information I’ve given to him about our wedding and later came out with a project, looking after every single detail. Vincenzo’s style and vision are something out of this world. He’s got the power to make anything possible and I really mean it. Him and my wedding planner Juli are a dream squad!

Photos by Tali Photography