Camila Carril

Honeymoon Diary: SIX SENSES LAAMU

Maldives is a small paradise with blue ocean water everywhere. As a tiny south Asian island, it is a destination for the ones who want to enjoy a good time far away from any type stress. When someone asks what would you take to an island, if it is Maldives, there is just one answer: the love of your life. So that was what I did, Maldives was one of my honeymoon destinations.

Think about a place in the Maldives, where you can simply spy on a diverse type of fishes and turtles from your bottomed bath tube and floor? Not only that, Six Senses Laamu, the place we stayed over, is just perfect for honeymooners. Couldn’t be more peaceful and private for a happy couple.

Funny fact: Six Senses Laamu in the only resort existent in the fascinating southern Laamu Atoll and also, it is located only five degrees north of the Equator line. How to get there? Firstly, there’s a plane trip from Malé, which is the capital city of the Maldives. Afterwards, the trip is followed by a short boat ride heading to the paradise where you will find 96 sustainable villa accommodations situated right on a magical island. The most important fact is that the hotel is completely linked with ecological matters. Conservation of the island is absolutely crucial. 

If you are thinking of having a private pool, it will not be a problem if you choose a room in the Lagoon Beach, which are all set with two bedrooms and lovely pools. All villas have the same kind of styling and design. The only difference between them is the location. For instance, the Ocean Beach Villas faces a different side of the island, where there’s a perfect and clear sight of the ocean, whereas the Lagoon Beach Villas are set on the lagoon side. But, in my opinion, the best views can be found in the Lagoon Water Villas! it is the most private place in the hotel.

What to do in Maldives then apart of what the resort can bring you? The correct answer is: nothing. The best thing to do in such paradise is just enjoy the beach and truly relax. Besides that you have the chance of taking nice boat trips, practicing some water sports, riding bikes, watching the dolphins swim and eating a lot. Also, if you stay in a nice resort like I did you can enjoy some spas treatments as well.

Do not forget that you are just in one of the most beautiful places in the world! So, make sure you get a tropical treatment at the spa. I highly recommend the exfoliating massage with sand and also, the Kurumbaa Kaashi coconut rub. Apart of the massages, you can also enjoy their free aerobics and yoga classes…

The atmosphere counts with amazing Chefs that make a list of mouth-watering dishes! The great thing about it is that the products used are from the island’s organic gardens. The food was amazing and every lounge, bar and restaurant had amazing views of the sunset.

Also, the resident DJ goes from Chill Bar to Sip Sip bringing such a nice vibe to the ambient in the evenings. Thanks Six Senses Laamu for the brilliant time you provided us.

Camila x