Camila Carril

Friendship With Thomas Sabo

Have you ever met anyone in life that you just instantly click, that weird feeling that you know each other from before? I met Nina a few years ago on a Reward Style conference, I remember I came late (typical me) and she was sat right in the back… the seat next to her was almost free (she had one of the latest bags probably occupying the seat), but she gave it away for me haha. I thought she looked quite cool but I had never seen her before, I was quite familiar with the other bloggers there… She just had moved to London – a newbie! We chatted the whole conference (then again… so typical!). We clicked, since there and then we have been inseparable.

To mark our friendship we’ve partnered with Thomas Sabo on their Love Coins and Love Bridge collection, one of the great things about this is that we can make it unique to us – it is totally personal and can be custom-made! We went to the store and selected our favourite bits (you can see them below!). We had such a fun time while doing this… 

What I am wearing:

Bracelets: Thomas Sabo Love Coins and Love Bridge.

In one of the bangles we wrote #Camila&NinaTake, since we just launched our youtube channel together and to hopefully many places there will be a “take” in the future. In one of the love medals we wrote our initials with the infinity symbol and our zodiac signs.

Thomas Sabo collection is quite mixed and is made for absolutely everyone. All different age groups and styles. They are based on the diversity of being edgy, having a rock n roll vibe without losing glamour and elegance. As I mentioned before, for me the greatest thing about the collection is the fact that you build your own personal style. That gives you loads of freedom when choosing the pieces. Such a fact would be impossible without the great help from the collectable ranges such as: Love Coins and Love Bridge. The first one is engravable on both sides and are made in 925 Sterling Silver, Rose gold and Yellow gold. The pieces are just so delicate, just perfect to place them on necklaces or bracelets forming truly personal statements. The Love Bridge bracelets and necklaces are now available for men and women. 

Thanks Thomas Sabo for such an amazing collaboration.

Camila x



Givenchy Trip to Paris

Paris is always a good idea, right? Specially when it comes with a Givenchy beauty launch and a crew of lovely ladies. In the early hours of Monday we took the Eurostar to Paris… we were greeted by the most gorgeous day (how I love a sunny Paris, oui) and checked in at The Peninsula Hotel!

We then made our way to the Kléber terrace to catch a bit of sunlight and a glass of rosé, bien sûr! Later in the day I had my photoshoot with Givenchy for their amazing new products (the results you see it here!).

Surely, The New Velvet Matissime was all inspired by the feel of velvet.  Nicolas Degennes made sure that the product would reflect and absorb light. He got it right! This new foundation guarantees velvety skin all day long, even and huge increase in self-confidence. In order to achieve such a great result, Givenchy obviously had to pick the finest ingredients of Nature and combine them with technology

The Oil of the Pharaohs which was used in ancient Egypt as a universal remedy was selected because of its purifying virtues. The liquid foundation has extracts of cinnamon, burnet and ginger and they all basically boost up that lovely mattifying effect that helps to refine the skin texture and also, tighten pores. The velvety, and the slight burring effects are formed because of the airy silica microbeads which absorb moisture and excess sebum. Last but not least, the pigments! They are covered with amino acids that create an even skin tone that incredibly lasts throughout the day! 

Givenchy launches the first blush with emotional shades which boost up facial expression! The new Prisme Blush is definitely for women with a strong character. It brings an attractive/charming flush to our cheeks without losing the sense of strong femininity

The 8 emotional shades are named as: Passion, Love, Spice, Rite, Spirit, Romantic, Wild and Tender. The palest pearly shade can also be used as a base or as a highlighter that spots areas of the face that naturally gets the light. It’s very simple to be applied guys.. With a brushstroke, it imprints new light and new volume on the face. 

Thank you Givenchy for this amazing trip and a bientôt! Camila x


Sport Chic Wear

We’ve come to the first days of Spring – can you imagine? Still London is so grey and the trees outside are naked dressed without a single leaf. Well peers, welcome to this crazy crazy world! Anyways, seems only right to be sharing a quite colourful look that I shot for a campaign with Marc Cain. (Who knows this look can make up for this grey spring day?)

The idea was for me to style a piece from their spring/summer collection with an active wear. Maaaaan, this was like giving me a candy – it just felt so right since my style is pretty much this on a day to day basis. I love love to mix the high-low and active wear is so comfortable to wear.

I am wearing a full outfit from Marc Cain, the striped colourful dress (here), with a gilet (similar here), bag (similar here) shoes (similar here). Happy spring days!

Camila x