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Feeling a bit green

I woke up this day feeling the monochromatic look. One of these days when you have to wake up and go, throw it all in and suddenly it works! Feeling a bit lazy to choose what to go with what I at least stick to one theme: the colours! I started layering from the trousers and worked my way up… to break the greens – a bright white shirt and voilà! What do you think? Camila x




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Positano with Tom Ford

Few weeks been gone since I’ve visited the Amalfi Coast with the Tom Ford team for the launch of the fragrance Sole Di Positano…. I fell in love with it much earlier (before even knowing it) on countless films and adverts on TV… but this time was real and I was part of it (Pinch me moment)!

Arriving in the early morning we were greeted with the sun, bare in mind it was said to be raining all days – we were so lucky! And headed to Il San Pietro Hotel – a favourite from Mr. Ford himself. Picture the most charming Italian hotel with breathtaking views of Positano and a infinite blue sea, literally I die! My room was so big that I could fit the whole family and everyone of you (haha, seriously!), the decor was white with tiffany blue and I had an old style bath with a massive window overlooking the sea…

Every day we had a new surprise from Tom Ford, we were so spoiled like never before! From Spa treatments to gorgeous meals, what an experience! We still got to enjoy every little corner of the hotel and spared some good hours relaxing by the beach… with a good rosé wine and burrata parma (my favourite things!).

There was an evening of sensorial meal with the CEO of Tom Ford and all of us bloggers from all over the world. We were taken through every parfum and each meal was designed to represent the scent/ place… what a dream! From the citrus touch to the lavender taste, every single bite was a travel through those locations.

Thank you Tom Ford… I will never forget the beautiful days in Sole di Positano!

Camila x



Friendship With Thomas Sabo

Have you ever met anyone in life that you just instantly click, that weird feeling that you know each other from before? I met Nina a few years ago on a Reward Style conference, I remember I came late (typical me) and she was sat right in the back… the seat next to her was almost free (she had one of the latest bags probably occupying the seat), but she gave it away for me haha. I thought she looked quite cool but I had never seen her before, I was quite familiar with the other bloggers there… She just had moved to London – a newbie! We chatted the whole conference (then again… so typical!). We clicked, since there and then we have been inseparable.

To mark our friendship we’ve partnered with Thomas Sabo on their Love Coins and Love Bridge collection, one of the great things about this is that we can make it unique to us – it is totally personal and can be custom-made! We went to the store and selected our favourite bits (you can see them below!). We had such a fun time while doing this… 

What I am wearing:

Bracelets: Thomas Sabo Love Coins and Love Bridge.

In one of the bangles we wrote #Camila&NinaTake, since we just launched our youtube channel together and to hopefully many places there will be a “take” in the future. In one of the love medals we wrote our initials with the infinity symbol and our zodiac signs.

Thomas Sabo collection is quite mixed and is made for absolutely everyone. All different age groups and styles. They are based on the diversity of being edgy, having a rock n roll vibe without losing glamour and elegance. As I mentioned before, for me the greatest thing about the collection is the fact that you build your own personal style. That gives you loads of freedom when choosing the pieces. Such a fact would be impossible without the great help from the collectable ranges such as: Love Coins and Love Bridge. The first one is engravable on both sides and are made in 925 Sterling Silver, Rose gold and Yellow gold. The pieces are just so delicate, just perfect to place them on necklaces or bracelets forming truly personal statements. The Love Bridge bracelets and necklaces are now available for men and women. 

Thanks Thomas Sabo for such an amazing collaboration.

Camila x