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Camila’s Bride Diary: How to make a wedding website

On this post I will be taking a bit about our website. Undoubtedly this helped us so much when it comes to the wedding organisation. I will explain it to you in detail. There are several free platforms you can use in order to create a bridal website. The one we chose is called Wix. It is a pretty easy process and did not take us a long time to have our website running. The really nice thing about creating a wedding website with Wix is that the tools are so helpful and simple to understand and also, you can style and customize it the way you think that would in the accordance with your taste.

In our case, as you can see in the screen shots of the page, we chose Gold and Blue as our main colours. Why did I chose this colours? Ok, let’s go back to our love story…. Anthony proposed to me in Santorini. It happened when the sun was going down and we were on a boat by this beautiful BLUE sea. Also, I wore at this occasion, a long blue dress. So, blue was definitely a colour that couldn’t be out of our wedding website! And the gold? Just a colour we love and part of the theme.

As soon as the page opens, you will see right on the top-left, a list with different categories. Everything that my guests will need in terms of information will be there. For example, if you go to “events”, you will have all the events which will take place during the weekend of the wedding, with information such as the dress-code, address, time, info about the place and etc…

As we’re getting married in Florence, there’s a section for travel information. It is basically an explanation of how to get to the city from the airport. Also in that category you will see some information about Florence’s history

Accommodation: I am just extremely happy about the hotels that we manage to choose for the guests. They are all very close to the church and to the locations where the events will be happening. The rates were also great!

Now, probably the most important bit – RSVP! Can you make it? Hopefully yes! haha That’s where we have control of how many guests have confirmed their attendance. Very easy process! A form will show up after clicking on “YES” where you will have to fill in your personal details and also let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. 

There are also other tools that you can use to create your wedding website. Sites such as GettingMarried, Squarespace, theknot, zankyou and so on. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it will be helpful somehow for you reader who is thinking of getting married sooner or later. 

Camila x




Camila Carril with Dior Cruise



J’adior… and how not? Maria Grazia Chiuri takes us to the world of wild and ancient femininity in her first Cruise collection which had the whole world and myself obsessed with!

Taking inspiration from one of the designers favourite books: “Women Who Run with the Wolves”  as well as Paleolithic paintings and Georgia O’Keefe paintings (which I am too obsessed with… specially her simple but striking drawings of enlarged flowers!) where you see earthy shades in form of female handprints and embroideries but still embracing the House of Dior heritage.

Here I am wearing two of the full looks that we’ve seen on the catwalk… I didn’t have the setting – Wish I was in Cali –  nor the balloons (sadly!) but somehow it felt right to work it around the orange hues of London autumn as my own Rodeo Drive. The looks are powerful, feminist and so stunning – do you all agree?

I guess what connects me so much to this collection is the idea of bringing back what is “primitive” and meaningful to adapting it on today’s world. If you look back on the moodboard  the hue of colours and prints all connects somehow like poetry. Translating all of this in clothing is ART! Hands down, I am a fan….

Check the collection here.


Camila x 



As we were having a wedding abroad to make all our guests feel welcomed was essential! As we knew most people were going to arrive on the Friday we arranged a Rehearsal dinner that night (much more relaxed one, not sit down). We scouted many locations for this but none was like the Societa di Canotieri which is a Private Boat Club with the most stunning views over Ponte Vecchio – what else could we ask for? It had our heart from the first sight.

The theme was Summer Chic with white furniture and decoration by Vincenzo Dascanio. The venue looked stunning! It started at 7pm and we had the most gorgeous sunset and bossa love songs by the Insolito Groove band (a local italian band). It was such a beautiful night! We served salads, pasta and fresh from the oven pizzas (our guests favourite’s!) from Roland’s Catering. We also had a gelato trunk… we are in Italy and this was a must haha!

We danced the night away and no one wanted to leave by the end of the night.. I think rehearsal dinners are a great thing to get everyone together the day before the BIG day. It gave us the opportunity to talk to everyone and it felt so relaxed. Whether you are doing it on a budget or not I highly recommend such an event the night before, it could be a get together on a bar or in a restaurant but it is so lovely to be surrounded by your family and friends!

I wanted to wear “my something blue”… you know from the saying that a bride should wear—’Something newSomething blueSomething borrowed’. It was totally unintentionally. The truth is that 2 weeks before the wedding I still didn’t have the PERFECT gown to wear on that special occasion, it was more difficult for me to find the gown than the wedding dress itself haha. But when I looked at this Dior dress, so blue like the sky and shiny like the stars, I knew it was a perfect match! Brides: don’t freak out, you see? Everything happens for a reason…

Everything was so special and I am still not getting over the fact that it has ended. Shall we do it all again? haha


Thanks Juli – our wedding planner from Savvy Events Studio – for putting this special night for us just like we dreamed and to all of our family and friends for making it a memorable night!