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A day to remember when we took the Oriental Express from Victoria Station to Blenheim Palace for the Dior Cruise show. A carriage filled with fashionistas and the likes of Alexa Chung, Lena Perminova, Emma Roberts – what a ride! We had a lascivious 3-course meal in the train while we watched the British countryside pass us by – not even the weather pouring down with rain managed to suppress this glorious day!

Once we arrived in the train station, cars were waiting for us to take us to Blenheim Palace. Everything was planned to the millimetre, of course – we talking DIOR! The most fashionable and established French Maison. A band was playing Star Wars theme as the guests approached the palace. It was a pinch me moment the entire time!

It is not the first time Christian Dior shows the collection at Blenheim Palace. First time was in 1954 and then again in 1958 (then, the french maison was in the hands of Yves Saint Laurent). This time around it was Dior’s current team by Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux who kept loyal Dior’s traditions with a slight twist and modernity.

The show was as beautiful as the place it was hosted. Bella Hadid – the new face for Dior Beauty – lead the runway, she was wearing a floral skirt and a caped black blouse that featured clusters of sequins and puffball sleeves. I couldn’t take my eyes off the shoes, they were exceptionally pretty!

Once the show was ended, we headed to another room for afternoon tea. Picture Alice in Wonderland theme… not sure this was the intention but totally felt like this, just like a fairy tale.

The day was not finished then, we took cars back home just in time to get ready for the next event Dior was hosting at the member’s club Loulou’s. We arrived at around 9pm and the house was completely buzzing with the most fashionable people in town. Thank you Dior for making it a moment all of us will never forget!


3 Modern Ways to Wear Metallic

Once again, metallic is still one of the biggest trends and are we oh-so-happy?

We’ve seen it everywhere, from catwalks to street style. For AW16, Gucci placed a bet on metallic emerald for its skirts and dresses, Céline chose a subtle ivory version in her oversized shirts, and Acne played on gold in its one-piece body wear. Now, the question is: What we, normal citizens, that happen to be in love with the name of fashion can do? How can we wear them in our daily lives? Take a look at some of the options below and I challenge you to take a walk on the wild side with me…

#1 Modern & Feminine in Metallic Pleats

As seen on Pernille, and let’s be honest – this girl is always getting everything so right! I mean, how beautiful is this combination? One could say it is quite unusual, but taking risks and letting your personality speak for itself sometimes is all too worthy! The pleats are so-ever-feminine and classy, but the golden metallic totally upgraded the look to modern and futuristic!

#2 The Statement piece: Metallic Jacket

Let’s take a minute to gloat at this entire look. Chiara Ferragni totally rocked the bomber jacket by making it her one statement piece against an all black outfit! All I can add to this one is: Think outside the box! We can all do well by adding some life to our outfits.

#3 Metallic Mules

Bow down to these beautiful Gucci mules! This is literally the secret to having all men on your feet (if only….!), but if not all men, believe me – you will have everyone else’s jaws dropped all over the streets leering at you when walking in them!




Let me tell you how Drops App saved me from ruining my outfit, frizz and wet hair and from being late. I have meetings in town almost every day and we all know London is well known for being a city that never stops dripping, right?

5 minutes before I leave home I get a notification from drops app letting me know: “Chance of light showers in London in 10 minutes”. Thankfully to this, I don’t need to be struck underneath a building waiting for the rain to go, or inside of a café hiding away. Now I am prepared and in days like these, umbrella will be my best companion.

I can’t believe I never had this in my life before, it seems silly but makes my day to day a lot better and wet-free of course. Even for things like planning to go for a run in the park, I will take a look in the app to see how the day will look in the next 30min or an hour and it is so accurate!

You can download the app here! Let me know how it goes :)

This post is in collaboration with Drops. All Opinions Are My Own.