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How to Wear Frayed Jeans


It goes really well with casual look. The frayed hem just gives an upgrade to the look.


The cool thing about the coloured frays is that they really make the look more lively.


Apart of looking great, the wide leg trousers are also very comfy and helpful on a day that you’ve got to walk miles and miles.


Frayed jeans ruled the fashion world in the late 90s/early 2000s. 16 years later, I’m seeing the trend popping up at the bottom of jeans and taking control all over again.

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Celebrating Friendship with PANDORA ESSENCE

Rings – Pandora

Bracelet – Pandora

Coming from a thousand miles away and finding a home away from home is really incredible. It is almost 10 years that I live in England and it was the best decision I could ever have made… I had to be ready to “reconstruct” my life, create some roots even if I was already grown up, be completely open about meeting new people, new things and new cultures. May I tell you, it is a great thing. When you are open, no judgments, no past behind and blockages you get to know more yourself and what you like and dislike. On the way to new discoveries I’ve learned a lot! Firstly that travelling is always a good way of starting over, not that I had a particular reason to leave as I love my golden friends and I am the most attached to my family and it will always come first, all I wanted was a fresh experience, a new language and a couple of other amazing things I would bring back in my baggage. I actually never thought I would stay, it was all temporary, it just happened! Secondly, you realise that after a while “moving away” it is not all a dream but more of a roller-coaster with bad and good moments and that is what life is… And even though, these experiences are treasure and you learn that you can go so much further!

Fast forward to the present day, and it has been ten years that I have lived away from home! A decade is a long time and it was only possible because of all the special moments and people that passed through my life. To celebrate the special women that have supported me on my journey, I’ve partnered up with PANDORA for their new ESSENCE collection, which is all about appreciating the inner values of those I am closest to.










Now, let me introduce you to two people who are very important to me: Emma and Maria. They have made my new life that little bit easier and far more enjoyable. Although I know I am living away from home, they provide me with the love and support I would receive from my own family. They are my home away from home, the one’s that I choose to eat every Sunday Roast with, spend special holidays with. They keep me company during both memorable and casual days. They are part of my British family, as we are not only friends but sisters-in-law too! I couldn’t feel more blessed to have them in my life, as they have welcomed me into their family with open arms.

Left – Maria
Right – Emma
I’m wearing a dress from: Tatjanna Anika

I am here cherishing life and the charms you will find in the bracelet I am wearing are friendship, loyalty, wisdom, passion, compassion and balance! Aren’t they just a great reflection of everything I talked about?

Thank you PANDORA for giving me a reason to celebrate all these incredible moments! It has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to collect more charms aka values on the way!

* This post is in collaboration with PANDORA. All opinions are my own.

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Pandora Essence at LimeWood Hotel



Incredible enough, a peaceful place not so far from the crazy-so-hectic London… Tucked in the New Forest surrounded by nothing else but beautiful scenery, singing birds, wild horses. It got a special place in my heart, what a wonderful escape!


 Everything was “millimetric” planned by Pandora who thought of every single detail to make this experience even more special. The reason for this encounter? A celebration to their new Essence collection which you will get to know more soon as I am proud to announce, I am an ambassador.


As soon as I arrived, the first plan of the day was a Cookery lesson. We had lots of fun preparing a super healthy and raw meal! Myself and my partner in crime Sarah Mikaela prepared some great vegy rolls – we actually ate more on the way then made them, but oh well! One should know that we cannot see food and not eat them… too tempting!


left – Jess
middle – Sarah
right – Me

After lunch…we took a long walk in the countryside. Sam brought the tunes with him as we “braved” into the forest. Jess told me I had to keep quiet if I wanted to see bunnies which I thought would be impossible as myself and quiet just doesn’t work together. We didn’t see the bunnies in the end but cows crossing the road and a big bull that made us run away – you definitely don’t want to make a bull upset by standing on its way! Simple things like that, a walk in the forest and good friends makes me tick.


10 minutes till our SPA treatments and we were spoiled rotten! I had the rosebud massage… Only thing I can remember is that it was so damn good that I slept half way through it! After this, I made my way to the heated pool to relax for a few minutes before getting back to the room and getting ready for dinner. Limewood Hotel, you are a piece of work!

Time for drinks and canapés! What a gorgeous room… we were all treated with champagne and a lovely piano music on the background. We chatted for a while and then made our way to the dining room. I completely forgot to say that in every moment we were collecting the charms for our essence bracelet.. how fun? It was like seeking for these little treasures game. By now I probably had collected: Happiness,Loyalty, Friendship, Wisdom and Balance.

Next morning I was treated like a princess as I had breakfast in bed. Favourite part of the day! Then off we went to a lesson of how to make our Easter Eggs, what did you think of mine?

Thank you Pandora for such a great time! Can’t wait for the next moments together! x