Camila Carril

London Buses


If someone asks you to think about London, I’m sure that for many people the first image that will come into their minds is the famous double-decker bus! Am I wrong? Travelling with them can be quite fun! Specially if you don’t know much about the city and you can get some sightseeing done on the way!

First of all, it is very important that you know that you can’t use cash to pay for your bus fare. You need to get a Oyster Card or a contactless payment card to pay as you go, a Travelcard or a Bus & Tram Pass.

You will find bus stops across the city which are categorised by letters and have names (normally from the street you are at or a landmark).

The buses are categorised by numbers and you can find a lot of information on the maps of the stops you are at.

Remember that Night Buses run on different routes then the usual day route, make sure you check your journey before your travel.



How to travel around London

There are many ways you could get around town! Thankfully we have underground and buses services available in every corner of London, as well as trains that can connect you to other places, overground, cycle hire and even river boats! You can plan your journey below:


Journey Planner