July 22, 2014

Summer holiday is on its way – next week I am going to Bahamas/Miami and I am so looking forward. This is my round up of my favourite summer beauty products to try achieve Gisele Bundchen beach hair and a perfect sun-kissed skin!… or at least give it a try :)

Let’s start?

DIOR BRONZE – After sun product that enhances a sun-kissed skin by revealing a golden radiant tan on face and body. Highly recommend! Find it here.

– This is definitely my best friend when I am on the beach. I apply it straight after I come out the sea and let it dry naturally. It helps achieving the so wanted Gisele Bundchen beach hair by creating texture and calming the salty stiffness. Get one here.

NIVEA SUN – Protect and refresh, it does as it says. It is simple and easy. It has a pleasurable cooling effect that leaves your skin refreshed. Find here.

CLINIQUE – I also love this Clinique protection. It has a high-level protection against the aging and burning effects of UVA and UVB rays. Very high quality product, check it here.

NIVEA LIP BALM – Non-greasy, protects and keep the lips looking soft and healthy. Here.

KÉRASTASE HUILE CELESTE – I use this product over the whole head before or during exposure to the sun, sea and chlorinated water. It protects my hair and it feels shiny, smooth and flowing, protected from dryness and the harmful effects of the sun. Here.

TANGLE TEEZER – Perfect for that annoying salt water knots. Practicable and fits your summer beach bag. Here.

CLARINS – I normally apply it after shower or when I wake up and wash my face. It hydrates and has a refreshing soothing effect. Love it. Here.

MOROCCANOIL – Shampoo and Conditioner repair. My favourite of all time… that smell <3 Here.

CLARINS – I suffer sometimes from dehydrated skin and this oil has always helped me to gain healthy skin and repair any damage. Definitely taking on my summer bag. Here.

And you, what are you favourite summer beauty products?

Love, Ca x

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