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Miami Diary: Day 2

August 20, 2014

Rise and shine. We were still a bit tired from last night but the sun was shining from the window and it was so inviting. We jumped up from the bed, had a quick breakie and went to the pool to catch some sun. It was 40 degrees out there – we sat by the pool while tanning and observing the beautiful buildings on the other side of the river that divides downtown Miami and South Beach. It was about one hour that we were there and we saw the dark clouds coming from downtown. It happens so fast, it is sunny then in 5 minutes storming and sunny again. We quickly gathered our things and went back to the apartment, time for lunch.

We drove to Bal Harbour shopping  and had lunch at Carpaccio – we were very undecided about whether going to Carpaccio or Makoto (either, you are in good hands if visiting). The food was deli. Then we went browsing that always end up in shopping! We went to Neiman Marcus/ Saks/ and all around the shopping.

Time to watch the most wonderful sunset. This was probably my favourite thing from the entire trip! If you are in Miami make sure you visit The Standard Hotel – chill by the pool, have a glass of wine for me and celebrate one of the most stunning sunsets you will see. 

We had dinner at the Bianca Restaurant in Delano Hotel with the man that runs the city @bettobiscaia – make sure to speak to him out there and say that I sent you : ) no kidding, he is the one to speak to when it comes to nightlife and must-see places. We had an amazing dinner then we headed to the pool for a few drinks.
01:30 am – Aprés our drinks by the pool we headed to The Wall night club and stayed there till the early hours of the morning – there is a party on the city of Miami everyday and they are so busy even on week days. Time to go home – wow, what a day!

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