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Miami Diary

August 19, 2014
Touched down in Miami. The flight from Bahamas was delayed, the immigration queue took ages but hey happy me here I am. Called my girl Fê to let her know I was on my way to South Beach to meet her. Took a cab from Fort Lauderdale to South Beach which was around $70. Gave him $80 as I didn’t have any smaller change. He didn’t give me the change – then I remembered someone warned me before: “People expect to be tipped”, fair enough when you go to the restaurant and service is not included, then you obviously tip but come on – he didn’t even help me taking the bags from the boot! Anyways…. Guess what? “I’M IN MIAMI BITCH!” haha

 Make-up, check! Hair, check! Outfit, check! “Teens” in action taking selfies on the mirror, hell yes check for that. So what? We don’t care! We had lots of fun! :)
We were not meant to have dinner this late – it just happened! You know the whole thing at 21:30pm took ages and we didn’t even realize! You will find that this happened every single day of our trip, the reasons were: (if you are a girl you will probably understand) 1) we are girls (that should be the greatest reason to that) 2) we take far more time then boys to choose an outfit, have our hair done and make up 3) to get that one good picture will take time (… in fact we didn’t get the perfect picture that day, did we Fê?) anyways, enough of the talk. We went to Cavalli restaurant – exuberant white house with wild animal print on the seats and table covers – as you can imagine – Cavalli’s signature style! The cuisine is Italian and the food was divine. I had sea food pasta and Fê had some sort of salad (sorry I can’t remember exactly what it was, I was too concentrated in forking down my pasta lol). We decided to go to Cavalli as we knew they also had their best party of the week on Monday held on their club upstairs! It was AWESOME – as the americans will say…

See you tomorrow for Day 2 :) x

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